Special Guardians Preparatory Workshops Referral Form

Referrers Information:

Please note, you need to press the submit button at the end of this form to ensure you have referred the special guardian. 

Kinship Ready connects carers with a dedicated Project Worker. The project worker will support the carer to access the Kinship Ready workshop and deliver a bespoke support package based on carer needs. Please note this support is restricted to four contacts and will require the carer to participate in the preparatory Kinship Ready workshop  

Kinship Carers Information:

Please ensure that the number is correct and a current active number for the carer

Please ensure that the address is correct, all individuals referred to Kinship Ready will receive a hard copy of the participant booklet and an introduction to Kinship care guidebook which will be sent to the address that you have provided

Local Authorities are responsible for providing an interpreter and liaising directly with them. Interpreters will need to attend the session with the carer and be in the same location as the carer.

Permissions and consent

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